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Special Collections

Located on the first floor of the J.N. Desmarais Library, the Laurentian University Archives houses seven different special collections: 

Special Collections are accessible to everyone, but must be consulted in the Angus Gilbert Reading Room. All Special Collections publications can be found in the J.N. Desmarais Library online catalogue. It is unnecessary to make an appointment to view these publications.

Faculty Collection

Faculty collectionThe Faculty Collection consists of Laurentian University faculty publications.

All publications from the Faculty Collection are catalogued, and call numbers can be found in the online library catalogue.  Publications in this collection end with Fac (example: FC 3061 G47 1989 Fac).

Fourth Year Honours Essays

Fourth year honors essaysFourth Year Honours essays are written by undergraduate Laurentian University students. Call numbers for student essays can be found in the online library catalogue. You can search for an essay by author name, title, or subject.

You can also search by University department. In the Omni catalogue advanced search box enter in the search filters: call number contains: ESS. And in Any Field select the topic or department. You can also filter your search by language ( any language; English; French .. )

omni search screen
In accordance with sections 29 and 30 of the Copyright Act (Exceptions for Educational Institutions, Libraries, Archives and Museums), you must complete a form provided at the Archives in order to obtain authorization to reproduce part of a student essay.

Graduate Theses

Graduate theses

Since the 1st of July, 2013, theses and Master’s essays are submitted electronically and deposited online in the  LUZoneUL research repository. You can search by author, title, subject or date.  While the Archives continues to store and give access to theses and Master’s essays that were submitted and approved prior to June 30th, 2013, as of that date, we no longer receive printed copies for preservation.

Laurentian University students’ Graduate theses and essays (prior to 2013) are housed in the archives.

Start your search for a thesis in the online library catalogue. You can search for the thesis by author’s name, title, or subject. 

You may also search using the title of the Master’s program. In the catalogue advanced search box enter in the search filters: call number contains: THE And in Any Field select the topic or program You can also filter your search by language ( any language; English; French .. )

Omni search screen

For Master's essays use M. ESS.  (M.spaceESS,) instead of THE

Omni search screen




Rare Books

Rare booksAll rare books housed in the Archives are catalogued, and call numbers can be found in the online library catalogue.

In order to help better serve you, we require the full call number found in the catalogue listing (example: 92-3333 C44 ).

Reproduction of rare books may be restricted because of a publication's fragility.  In such a case, the use of a camera may be permitted.

Reference Sources

Reference sourcesThis collection consists of Laurentian University publications such as the Laurentianna (yearbook) and the Gazette.

It also comprises finding aids for archival fonds from our holdings and other additional repositories.

We also conserve publications produced by Federal and Provincial government archives and publications related to our archival holdings. Call numbers for reference sources can be found in the online library catalogue.

Regional Collection

Regional collectionThe regional collection includes books and publications on Northern Ontario.

All books and publications from this collection are catalogued, and call numbers can be found in the online library catalogue. Call numbers for books from the regional collection end with Reg (example: TD 171.5 C32 S92 2001 Reg.).

Vertical Files

Vertical filesAs part of the Mining and Environment database, vertical files include copies of articles, article summaries, and papers.

All vertical files are catalogued, and call numbers can be found in the online library catalogue by selecting "Mining Environment Database" in the Laurentian Library menu.

Please note that, although each item is associated with a call number, the files are arranged alphabetically by title. Please ensure that you have the full title when you come to the Archives.

Special Collections - FAQ

  1. Do you have copies of previous exams that I can use to help study?

    In March 2020, Senate directed the library to remove the previous exams database from the library website. The exams in the database were largely outdated and often failed to reflect the content or approach used in current courses. Senate instead encourages professors to share sample exams with their students on D2L or through other means. 


  2. Can I use my camera instead of photocopying or scanning the document?

    It is possible under certain circumstances such as when a book or document is too fragile to be photocopied or scanned, we suggest that you bring your camera and take pictures. However, you must fill out a special form and let us know that you are planning to take pictures and we will explain the policies and procedures.

  3. Can I just show up?

    If you wish to access publications from the Special Collections (Regional, Faculty, Rare Books, Essays and Thesis), they are accessible during our regular business hours.  No appointment is necessary.

  4. Can I borrow books from the Special Collections?

    No.  However, there is a self-serve photocopier in the Reading Room.  The rules applying to the special collections are similar to the rest of the library, except that publications need to be consulted in the Reading Room.  Exceptions may apply to our Rare Book collection, as they may be fragile and not conducive to scanning or photocopying.

  5. I need to access publications from the Special Collections, but I can’t go to the archives during your operating hours… Can I still consult these books?

    YES. If you have a valid student card or LU library card, you can call us or send an email 24 hours ahead of time, and give us the title and call numbers of the books you need to consult, we will put them on reserve for you at borrower service desk. (Maximum 5 books)  NOTE: Only items from the 4th Year Honours’ Essays cannot be put on reserve. It also may not be possible to put some of the rare books on reserve, given their fragile state of preservation. 

  6. Do you have old copies of LU student newspapers?

    Yes we do! Currently, we carry complete series and current issues of L’Orignal déchaîné and Lambda as well as other LU student newspapers. In addition, L’Orignal déchaîné and Lambda are also available on microfilm, as well as have been digitized and are available online:
    L’Orignal déchaîné

  7. Do you have theses from other universities?

    No, we do not keep other universities’ graduate theses. We only keep the Laurentian University graduate theses in the archives.

  8. Do you have 4th Year Honour’s Essays from every department?

    No, not every department. The 4th Year Honour’s Essays are sent to the archives on a voluntary basis from different departments.

  9. I live outside of the city. Can you send me books from the Special Collections by interlibrary loan?

    Special Collections housed in the Angus Gilbert Reading Room cannot be borrowed through Inter-Library Loan services or taken out of the Angus Gilbert Reading Room. Only in-house consultation is permitted.

  10. I am not able to go to the Angus Gilbert Reading Room. Can you do the research for me?

    Unfortunately, the staff cannot provide research services. However, we can put you in contact with freelance researchers who will do the research for you. It is your responsibility to negotiate the agreement with the researcher. We are not in any way responsible for the agreement or for the result of the research.

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The Laurentian University Archives are located on the first floor of the J.N. Desmarais Library at the Laurentian University campus on Ramsey Lake Road in Sudbury, Ontario.  We are situated in the heart of the Laurentian University campus just minutes away from one of Sudbury’s main arteries, Paris Street.

Those making their way by car will find several parking lots on campus. Those flying into the Greater Sudbury Airport will want to arrange for a shuttle or taxi.

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Directions By Car

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From Highway 69 North (from Toronto)

  1. Take Highway 69 North to Sudbury, which becomes Regent Street
  2. Turn right onto Paris Street at the Paris and Regent intersection.
  3. Turn right on Ramsey Lake Road (where Science North is located).
  4. Turn right on University Road.

From Highway 17 East (from Ottawa)

  1. Take Highway 17 West towards North Bay and Sudbury.
  2. In Sudbury, take the “Kingsway,” which becomes Brady Street.
  3. Turn left on Paris Street
  4. Turn left on Ramsey Lake Road (where Science North is located).
  5. Turn right onto University Road

From Highway 17 West (From Sault Ste. Marie)

  1. Take Highway 17 East to Sudbury
  2. Exit at Long Lake Road
  3. Turn right at exit onto Regional Road 80 North
  4. Continue onto Regional Road 80 North, which becomes Paris Street
  5. Turn right on Ramsey Lake Road (where Science North is located).
  6. Turn right on University Road

From Highway 144 South (from Timmins)

  1. Take 144 South towards Sudbury
  2. Take the Big Nickel Road ramp
  3. Continue onto Regional Road 55 east which turns into Lorne Street.
  4. Turn right on Douglas Street which turns into Brady Street.
  5. Turn right on Paris Street
  6. Turn left on Ramsey Lake Road (where Science North is located)
  7. Turn right on University Road