Presenter: Megan Maurer; Sharon Herbert (Sitka)

Intro: Acquisitions in Indiana

  • This is the prime-up for the Saturday session on Acquisitions =D


  • project launched in Dec 2007 w/ 20 pilot libraries
  • now -- 100 library consortium; 98 live libraries; 2.6M bibs, 6.2M items
  • "free like kittens, not like beer" =)


  • looked at module because of demand from users
  • at that point, Megan had never done anything with acquisitions, at all
    • much learning from documentation, testing ("train-the-trainer")
  • split training into two parts: Admin Functions vs Front-line functions
    • Admin Functions
    • Front-line Functions
  • wiki docs in alphabetical order, not workflow order =/

Workflow process

There are a lot of different ways to use Acquisitions...

What is an Acquisitions Module?

Evergreen Community

  • C/W Mars
  • PALS
  • Sitka

Problems and Solutions


  • Permissions
  • EDI
  • Cancel reasons list (ships with over 500 by default)
  • Variety of workflows
  • Support
  • Training
  • What we didn't know


  • Patches with LaunchPad?
  • Working with vendors (Biggar & Taylor; Ingram)
  • Edited for consortium
  • Support/guidance
  • Module necessity
  • Possible restructuring
  • a lot!

Acquisitions in Sitka

  • 66 libraries (public, post-secondary, gov't, school)
  • 120 locations, 2 provinces (BC/MB), 3 time zones delta
  • 18 legacy ILSs


  • time
  • prior knowledge (or lack thereof)
  • workflows (all different; staffing is all different; ...)

What works well

  • flexible workflows
  • being able to "wall off" libraries from one another
  • minimal amount of shared issues to address == more autonomy for individual libraries

What needs work

  1. allow a user to select a number of line items on a po using tickboxen
  2. PO/Invoice slowness (bug)
  3. PO of 382 line items takes ~4min to load...during which time the staff client 'locks up' and can't be used for anything else
  4. year-end process: Encumbrances don't roll over to the next fiscal year right
    1. most libraries are in a use-it-or-lose-it situation for funding each year
  5. PO able to activate with 0 line items

Next steps

  • Pilot sites are continuing...
    • largest is ready to throw up their hands because of the volume of items they have to process
    • decision matrix for library decision makers: do we really need to use Acqs module?
  • resolution of the top 2-3 issues will really let them move forward
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