Presenters: Angela Kilsdonk & Lebbeous Fogle-Weekley, Equinox


  • Development started in 2005
  • Replacing AACR2
  • designed with digital environments & interoperability in mind
  • describes digital materials and print materials
  • RDA test in 2010 amongst several large libraries
  • Library of Congress long-term plan: RDA Implementation Day: Mar 31, 2013
  • it's a content standard to replace AACR2
  • it's not an encoding standard & doesn't replace MARC
  • a new way of describing bibliographic resources -- new conceptual models
  • based on FRBR and FRAD
    • FRBR: Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records
    • FRAD: Functional Requirements for Authority Data
    • FRSAD: Functional Requirements for Subject Authority Data, recently published


  • a conceptual model for the bibliographic universe
  • entity-relationship model
  • defines
    • user tasks
    • bibliographic entries

example: Person(Jane Austen) <-created/was created by-> Work(Pride and Prejudice)

  • Group 1: the products of intellectual endeavor
    • Work
      • is realized through: Expression (conceptual: eg prose)
        • is embodied in: Manifestation (book, book-of-essays)
          • is exemplified by: Item (the actual physical book sitting on a library shelf)
    • part-to-part and whole-to-part relationships are possible
  • Group 2: those entities responsible for physicla production/distribution of same
    • Person, Group, Corporate Body, etc
  • Group 3: subjects of intellectual endeavour
    • Concept, Object, Time, Place
  • any reprints, facsimilies, translations (!) etc of an original text are the same Work
  • parodies, annotated edition, etc, are new Works
  • expressions of the work: editions, translations
  • paperback, e-book, audio recordings are all different Manifestations of the same Expression of the Work

FRBR User Tasks

  • FIND materials
  • IDENTIFY an entity
  • SELECT an entity that matches the user's needs
  • OBTAIN access to the entity


  • amongst other things, breaks out things like multimedia data type ("audio") vs carrier ("compact disc")

Bibliographic Framework Transition Initiative

  • Lib of Congress initiative to transfer away from MARC21 to another format
  • this will be well into the future

What does this all mean for Evergreen?

  • WEMI: it's fun to say!!!
  • Works Expression Manifestation Item
  • what are the development possibilities presented by RDA, and where do we want to go with it?
  • how can we make a better catalog & staff client?
  • RDA is all about relationships.
  • go to a page about Samuel Johnson; you could have not only things he wrote, but works about him, a painting of him, etc etc.
  • (what will a FRBR-informed cataloguing interface look like??)
  • more relationships to illuminate:
    • critical/scholarly reviews
    • novels grouped with their film/tv/stage adaptations; movies & their remakes
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