Presenter: Galadriel Chilton - Electronic Resource Librarian, UConnecticut @gchilton

  • Interest in Open Source for Libraries started in 2008 with ERMes (Accidental open source ERM system)
  • What's been great about this is not so much having the tool itself, but the community that's grown up around it

"What's a library"

  • "an entity charged with maintenance of a collection of books, and the duty of providing access to them"

Library cuts...and grassroots efforts to save them

What does this mean for us (librarians) & our habitat? Are we an endangered species, or is this some kind of evolution of our species?

Survival of the fittest -- does the library with the biggest budget win?

What's the role of cooperation? A group of animals that works together -- each individual critter's chance for survival improves

To continue to change the world, just sharing our books isn't going to be good enough. We'll have to cooperate...& provide access for our users...

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