The State of (the) Evergreen (Community)

Presenters: Grace Dunbar, Dan Scott, Kathy Lussier, Ben Hyman, Tara Robertson

Highlights of past year

  • Passed our 1,000th library
  • DIG and development saw participation increase
  • Scheduled releases
  • Membership in Software Freedome Conservancy
  • Participation in Google Summer of Code

Evergreen in ILS Satisfaction Survey

  • Satisfaction: 79% (2nd, just 2% below Polaris)
  • Would you recommend: 86% (1st)


  • Grace: conflict (handled well) can be a positive thing
  • Every library can contribute, no matter how small
    • doesn't need to be development
    • answering questions on the mailing list
    • giving support
    • etc
  • Community is united in the desire to do good in the world with Evergreen
    • other library conferences -- librarians are united in their hatred of their ILS

Evergreen Development

  • got to watch Dan fight with unity, with helpful intervention by Jono
  • neat visualization showing little developer avatars running around a spiderweb-like source tree
  • 9 committers outside of the core group of committers who submitted 5 or more commits
    • including one Robin Isard!
  • major new features: suggest for search, ttopac, ...
  • new policies
    • move to git
    • time-based releases
    • master is always stable
    • each major release gets 12 months of full support, +3 more of security patches

Consortia moving to evergreen

  • Kathy: several major consortia have switched over to Evergreen in the past year
    • MVLC
    • Bibliomation: moved their main core of 48 public library branches, + 19 K-12 branches
    • COOL-CAT (Ohio)
  • ...
  • consortia continue to be the driving force behind Evergreen development
    • PINES: changes to reports interface
    • MassLNC: grant-funded projects over the past year to improve
      • staff client
      • batch loading
      • TPAC, bookbag

Growth of the International Evergreen community

  • Ben: (beautiful hand-drawn flipchart presentation)
  • gmap of EG installs
    • production installs in Georgia, Czech Republic, Mexico
    • more-than-trivial interest/installs Wales, NL, Ireland, others
  • contributions:
    • translations, etc
    • more community, developers, funding sources
    • more integration possibilities with 3rd party software and services

Evergreen: community; honouring contributors

  • Tara: asked to speak about small libraries, won't
  • unsung heroes project
    • inspired by Chris Cormack's similar project in the Koha community
  • key to making our community strong
  • community of humble people who didn't want to toot their own horns
  • about 30 people
  • next year's Evergreen conference is in Vancouver
  • what does Tara like about the community?
    • we share: code, obviously, but also training materials, MARC templates, documentation...
    • creative: especially helps when budgets are shrinking
    • people are genuinely likeable
  • talking to people at hackfest, as to why they contribute
    • the community is like family
    • frustrated with crappy proprietary library software
  • talking to friends about what makes communities tick
    • informal social norms are key
    • code4lib:
      • no distinction between developers and librarians
      • formally enumerated guidelines for the the community (IRC) - no sexism racism etc
  • we have plans for development direction, documentation, website, etc. what's our plan for this community?
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