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Initial draft of minutes

Implementation minutes: 2009-05-11

  • Set up SIP server on test server
    • Robin to augment Evergreen documentation with any local policies
    • Ports are all open from the Guelph firewall, just need to add iptables rules
    • Need a bit of data
  • Test server
    • Problem with restoring database; Robin is going to work on it with a local copy
  • Reserves
    • Windsor will probably go manual for a week or so
  • Book bags
    • Encoding problem - need to open a ticket
    • Broken images - skin?
  • What is "hard launch"?
    • End of May 15th - things that need to be done before patience wears out
    • Dan is gone next week
    • Robin is missing a chunk of this week - moving archives
    • Art's priorities for Windsor:
      • enum/chron callnumber
      • item statuses (lost/missing and on-order)
    • Dan for Laurentian
      • Overdue reports
      • Reminder and overdue emails
      • Fund info into spreadsheets
  • MARC templates
    • Will probably not be able to merge into a single set; will use prefixed
  • Circulation modifiers?
    • Hopefully can merge into more standardized, meaningful modifiers (from "BLAH RSV 1HR" to "Reserve - 1 hour")
  • Generic circ accounts
    • We're generally not in favour of these; would prefer to just add patrons to the circulator group
    • Probably a topic for a management call or for our June get-together