2009-06-04 implementation meeting minutes


  • Ordering first (done)
  • Receiving & invoicing next (should be finished over the weekend)
  • Deletes would be separate transactions
  • Laurentian's resolve exchange rate via a block-of-US-funds process a month later should be able to be accommodated


  • Algoma should be able to just copy and replace the rdetails.js from /lul/
  • OWAL and OWA do circulate their serials (ILL in OWA's case) so those 3,428 items per bib record are valid
    • Need to schedule a meeting or call with Equinox to figure out how we're going to handle this problem

Support contract

  • ... is in place, but the MOU is not; LU VP is waiting on a clarification of the dispute resolution mechanism from Windsor before he will forward it to the LU lawyer to read

SFX lookups

  • Dan wrote a simplistic Evergreen::Conifer target parser and will post it to his blog


  • Robin might need a little bit of help with the SIP setup; he had sent an email to Dan that fell through the cracks
  • Also applying the contrib stuff this afternoon

Importing records

  • Vandelay is currently kind of broken, should be fixed when we move to 1.6
  • Some records aren't being ingested immediately, Dan is running batch processes on a regular basis to catch up

Circ rules

  • Laurentian needs to tighten up their rules
  • Ticket #56 (prevent renewal when a hold is placed on the item) should be a single line in circ_permit_renew.js

Cataloguing policies

  • Add to Conifer meeting - need a working policy to go forward

HTTP/HTTPS security warning in Internet Explorer

  • Dan fixed this in a simplistic way; a more flexible approach then came up on the list
  • Proxying static content in general needs to happen to prevent recycling the backend Apache processes so quickly
  • Art has a much nicer logo going, need to integrate that PRONTO
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