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Draft minutes from today's meeting

Developer meeting minutes - 2009-06-09


  • Law is already using the spreadsheets for ordering
  • Working on refining invoicing and receiving
  • Windsor's financial interface needs to catch up (double entry with Voyager for now? Ugh)

Syrup (Reserves)

  • SIP is running, yay! ACTION: Robin to document
  • Z39.50 server on comet? ACTION: Robin to set up
  • "Due time" column has been added to check in/check out/item status column picker to support circ periods measured in hours

Things for Dan to document on the wiki

  • ACTION: Dan to document
  • How to restart individual services / complete stack
  • Deployment / testing process
  • Circulation rules - e.g. preventing holds on renewals


  • Not sure if they will be at the meeting
  • It's a bit of a concern as they probably aren't getting their value for their money at the moment
  • ACTION: Dan to follow up with Michael

MARC bulk importing

  • Better to spend some time bringing Vandelay up to date rather than setting up Voyager as a target?
  • Would be alleviated somewhat by setting up Z39.50 targets
  • Guelph needs to set up static routes for each new Z39.50 target, so bulk requests are the way to go