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First draft of minutes

Developer meeting minutes: 2009-07-14

  • Equinox support is in place; ACTION: Dan to forward Equinox support instructions to rest of people
  • Developer brain-dump meeting will be held 2009-07-29 / 2009-07-30 at Algoma University; ACTION: Dan to forward Sault hotel details to Art
  • ACTION: Art and Robin to let Dan know if they want 23:59 modification to due date / times
  • ACTION: Robin to give the in-database circ rules a shake (although there might be a problem seeing the circ libraries in the "new circ rule" interface)
  • ACTION: Art to write up some description of the receiving and invoicing requirements for Bill
  • ACTION: Robin hopes to have an interface for database / e-book / journal license management ready for end of July; and then build on Django with OpenSRF


  • Art hitting day one of Reserves - will give an install on comet a go to match the Windows environment and test out the interaction
  • SIP connection - if running reserves or self-check machine on local campus, port forward to a local campus machine protected by iptables rules and connect to that to avoid shipping transactions in plain text over the 'net
  • ACTION: Dan to get reserves interface translated into French

nginx proxying to stop consuming static Apache processes

  • ACTION: someone needs to test and document, this could be handy for reserves as well

Making Google Books lookup call asynchronous

  • ACTION: Robin to check to see if the Google script is in the <head> element

OPAC enhancements

  • Internet Explorer is dying on advanced BibTemplate? stuff, which is bad for subjects and online resources and many of the enhancements we need
    • This is a show-stopper for a 1.6 release
  • Dan backported "Export to RefWorks?" functionality to comet / rel_1_6
  • LibX toolbar - Dan created one for Laurentian University that works against Conifer, feel free to copy and modify

Miscellaneous pressing needs

  • ACTION: Dan to create the remaining circ duration rules for OWA / OWAL
  • ACTION: Dan to call for project planning meeting - next week?

Patron loading

  • Art has been trying to follow up with Grant on the registrar update process UPEI is using, but Grant doesn't seem to have a firm grip on the details
  • Dan has been trying to kickstart a simplified version of a once-per-semester load at Laurentian, but next meeting of the committee that decides this won't happen until late September