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Development Meeting: 2009-05-11

Just a quick meeting. Kevin wasn't there but I know that's because I (Robin) screwed up and forgot that he never got the virtual phone meeting room coordinates.

Next meeting:

Sometime in November. I'll start thinking about this around November 1st.

Action Items:

  1. We will proceed with the rebuilding of the skins. This will be more important come November but some initial work will start now (Robin)
  2. We're going to put some work into reserves over November (Robin, Art, Graham, Grace)
  3. We're going to try and get Grace -- Art's backup over November -- to Dan's training on Friday (Art)
  4. The following devs will sit on the following committees for November ( this is not permement , it's probably a good idea that we move around the committees anyway)
    • OPAC - Robin
    • Circ - Grace
    • Cataloguing - Dan
  5. Windsor's LDAP fix going to be added to the wiki (Art)


Basically, we've all got full plates and so we're going to maintain the focus on closing tickets till November.