Developer meeting 2010-01-07

  1. Proposal for Nipissing
    1. After discussing how such an addition would impact our work schedule, it was decided that the major points to consider were:
      1. development of circ rules for Nipissing
      2. trying to ensure the import of duplicates was kept to a minimum. For example, we wouldn't want to import records for the Springer Collection as we already have records for it now.
  1. Help Desk
    1. Robin emphasized the importance of closing tickets as well as the fact that being on the desk doesn't simply mean that you close new tickets as they are opened but it's also expected that the help desk person will go through and try to close older tickets as well.
  1. Development Work
    1. Dan
      • currently working with self-check machines, involves a lot of work with the SIP protocol
      • post self-check he plans to go after some of the enhancements our user committees have asked about
    2. Art
      • looking into holds as this is seen as a major stress point at Windsor
    3. Kevin
      • Kevin is resuming his work on acq at Laurentian
    4. Grace
      • Grace is looking into SFX and xISBN issues, particularly to avoid the situation where someone requests an item from ILL because it's not obvious in the catalogue that the item is actual available locally, just not in the format originally requested (ie someone looks for the print edition, can't find it so uses ILL when the item is available locally in an electronic form)
    5. Robin
      • Reserves
  1. Migration to

It was discussed and decided that:

  1. Migrating sooner is better then later
  2. Having said that, we would like to do this during a low activity period due to the complexity involved
  3. We want to avoid weekends as it makes difficult to test and communicate with staff as well as making it difficult to roll out the staff client (since the staff aren't usually around on the weekend)

Considering all the above, a date will be chosen as it overlaps everyone's reading week.

  1. Face time
    1. It was decided that meeting face to face is a really good idea and we should try to make a habit of it.
    2. We are going to try and schedule a meeting here in Sault Ste Marie to conicide with the 2010 Evergreen International Conference on April 21 - 23 in Grand Rapids Michigan. The idea is to meet before in the Soo and then road trip to the Conference.
    3. We would like to make the meetings a regular thing.

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