Developer meeting 2010-01-12

  1. Help Desk
    1. The importance of closing any ticket you can -- not just the most critical ones -- was emphasized. They all represent work to be done and in the absence of a defect that's stopping work, the emphasis should be on closing as many as possible, even easy ones.
  2. Skins
    1. Trac discipline was emphasized.
    2. It was agreed in principle that it’s a good idea to point the staff client to our own skins to help create a common look and feel for staff. Implementing it in such a way that we don’t need to touch each staff client to change the default setting was discussed as a desirable goal.
    3. Dan has agreed to update the update perl script to realize our goal of a clean default skin and a conifer_default skin that we hang functionality on.
  3. Website
    1. It was decided that the current website ( does a fine job for managing the project for our internal users and doesn't need changing.
    2. In terms of a public facing site, it was decided that it would likely have to be contracted out to professional web developers as the developers have no talent for bling.
    3. A "Current Projects" page has been created to allow developers to blog about the status of their project.
  4. SOLS consultant
    1. We agreed that a document, already started by Art, should be finished and emailed off to the consultant no later then Friday 15th.
    2. Art is going to mention this to Cathy.
  5. Migration
    1. Migration will begin the early morning of the 16th.
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