Developer meeting minutes: 2010-02-15


Security testing

  • Paul is ready to commence security testing, we just need to give him the go-ahead
    • Action: Dan to upgrade test instance to 2.0.1 to prep for testing

ebooks and Conifer

  • Windsor is meeting to discuss e-book strategies on Friday
    • Dan noted that the OCUL-Cataloguing mailing list was also discussing the need to meet to discuss e-book strategies and workflows
    • Art wondered whether there was any further traction to linking from Conifer to OpenURLs in SFX; apparently Grace has said that SFX v4 has improved support for handling e-books
      • General consensus that this approach would make sense, despite "dual maintenance", because it's dual maintenance that you would want to do anyway (linking within SFX to the entire universe of electronic materials, and discovery from the catalogue)
      • Action: Art to check with Cathy to see whether there are any questions Dan could answer about the process and scripts he proposed and ran with in late November / early December - or even if Dan should call into the meeting

Preparing for Evergreen 2.0 in Conifer

  • Dan gave a presentation at OLA SuperConference about Evergreen 2.0 and plans to provide the same presentation to Sudbury-area Conifer partners soon-ish (start of March) with a discussion to follow about upgrade timeline (April/May?), adoption of new features, continuing pain points
  • Perhaps we could triangulate our findings with similar presentations at Algoma / Windsor?
  • Will be good to be able to unleash people on the test server to test out and document workflows for new features / changed features
  • Also coming down the pipe: Bill Erickson is completing work on a KCLS-specific HTML-only catalogue, which offers hope for a lighter-weight Web future

Syrup Reserves, OpenSRF, Python, IDL

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