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First draft

Minutes of Conifer management, 2009-05-06

Attending: Robin Isard (final five minutes due to Dan's communications mess-up), Art Rhyno, Alain Lamothe, Ron Slater, Michael McArthur?, Dan Scott Regrets: Cathy Maskel, Ken Hernden

Support contract

Dan explained the sad situation at Laurentian which was holding up their signing of the MOU with Windsor. Windsor may go ahead and sign the support contract in any case, and let Laurentian sign when they work through their legal processes.

Data munging

  • Art has various changes to make (updated call numbers for barcodes, patron ID, patron email)
  • Dan needs to track down various missing items (MEDIACEN equipment, reserves - seems to be related to brief records)

Syrup reserves

  • Need to get SIP server running #1
    • Graham and Art could get Syrup installed this weekend
    • Would then be able to do the demo at Guelph
  • Art would like to kick the tires for the summer
  • Laurentian would like to use this, as would NOSM
  • Has to be ready by end of summer (August 1st)


  • Best bet - go with the spreadsheets for now
  • Once Evergreen acquisitions is officially ready (1.6 release), run that in parallel with spreadsheets, provide feedback about what needs to be improved, and consider cutting over
  • Target for Evergreen 1.6 release is end of May 2009


  • Display - about a day's worth of work
  • Editing - a bit more
  • Need to get the basics working soon, then enhance over time

Disappearing labels from staff client

  • Bug is in the lang.dtd file on the server, Dan just needs to regenerate it and the disappearing labels should start reappearing once people start logging in
  • Fixed as of 2009-05-07

Circ rules

  • All participants agreed that these are one of the highest priorities

Overdue reports

  • Lower priority for most sites at the moment
  • Needed by NOSM, but circ rules are the priority

Public catalogue

  • NOSM doesn't care about stripping advanced features
  • Periodical title search #2 is probably the consistently highest priority request
  • Placing holds on available items is disabled by default at the skin level; can be worked around by savvy users, though, and is part of implementing the circ rules

Test system

  • Apache apparently got configured as IPV6 - needs to be fixed
  • Robin is on it

Conifer meeting of the minds / celebration

  • 2nd or 3rd week of June, 2009
  • Location: Sudbury (it's the right time of year to visit!)