Conifer planning, 2009-07-23

Teleconference, 10:00 am

Attendees: Ken Hernden, Robin Isard, Alain Lamothe, Cathy Maskel, Michael McArthur?, Art Rhyno, Leila Wallenius, Peter Zimmerman


  1. Adoption of agenda
  2. Adoption of minutes from last meeting and review outstanding action items
  3. General update from Project Manager:
    • The Evergreen 1.6 release candidate has been in testing on the testing server for the past few weeks, and will be deployed into production the evening of Monday, July 27th. We've eliminated some showstopper bugs and expect to see significant improvements and enhancements as follows:
      • Indexing of new or changed records will happen immediately, every time. Honest.
      • Catalogue - BibTemplate framework has been fixed to work with Internet Explorer; BibTemplate is what enables the display of arbitrary elements from the MARC record, including in-line display of subjects, complete publication information, accurate titles.
      • Catalogue - RefWorks support from the item detail page, although exporting entire bookbags is just a few more lines of code away
      • Holds - hold notifications can be sent automatically via email when an item is captured for a hold
      • Serials - Cataloguers will be able to add and delete MFHD records entirely on their own.
    • In total, 103 bug fixes and tasks completed since May, with significant progress on several of the (currently 94) remaining tickets. Some noteworthy ones:
      • Major headway on circulation rules and functionality
      • Tweaking user/group permissions
      • Implementing workarounds for a number of circulation challenges (setting due dates to patron's expiry date; setting due times to end of day instead of arbitrary point of time during the day to avoid surprising fines)
      • Adding Z39.50 server targets
      • Reminder & overdue notices
      • Patron opt-in mechanism for protection of patron information by default
      • Reindexing 20% of Windsor's records
  4. Review tickets for possible changes in priority. We won't walk through the entire list this time, but please surface pain points / pleasure opportunities that your library is particularly interested in getting addressed sooner rather than later.
  5. State of the Union (Catalogue):
    1. Memorandum of Understanding
    2. Payments
    3. Cost trimming?
  6. Adding institutions to Conifer:
    1. Setting a standard cost metric for incoming institutions (e.g. a price per record)
    2. Firming up migration dates; LU has a potential partner but their fiscal year end & end of license for their current ILS is March 31, which is not quite the summer 2010 that we agreed to last time around
  7. Development resources and funded work:
    • G. Fawcett, reserves specialist - still available? Still interested in more work (potentially outside of reserves)?
    • M. Klein, our EDI developer, switched jobs and moved across the continent over the summer, but expects to have some availability again in September (around the same time that Equinox is ready to tackle the next phase of acquisitions). Do we have the resources to continue funding this work?
    • Can we pay for a few hours of expert assistance in setting up:
      • Clustering of Evergreen services across all three of our Web/app servers; we're not fully using these at the moment
      • WAL backups of PostgreSQL, with replication to our reporting server so we can actually point reports there
  8. Publicizing the support rotation (who's on call first? First! Yes, first? .. continue Abbot and Costello sketch ...)
  9. Mangling the project in my absence: we need someone to keep the ball moving on various fronts
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