Conifer staff client

Web staff client

Conifer offers a web staff client that you can use in the Firefox or Chrome browsers:

As of 3.1, the web staff client is considered "production" quality by the Evergreen development team, and the installed staff client is deprecated.

Requesting permissions to register and use the staff client

Staff that want to use the staff client need to have a local Conifer administrator edit their patron account to have the required privileges by adding entries to the Secondary Groups button next to the Profile field in the Edit Patron screen.

  • Staff (every staff member should have this permission)
  • Cataloguer, Super cataloguer
  • Circulator, Super Circulator

Remember to click Add for each set of privileges, then Apply Changes, and then Save the patron.

You also need to grant them permission to use these privileges at one or more libraries. On the Patron screen, select Other->User permission editor, check the library or libraries where they should have permissions, then scroll all the way to the bottom and click Save.

Registering the workstation

Once you have been granted the required permissions, you can register a workstation.

The first time you install the Evergreen staff client on a computer, you need to log into Conifer and register the staff client as a new workstation.

When you register the workstation, you must choose the library that reflects where you will be doing your work (such as checking out items).

Registering the workstation at a Laurentian University library

When you initially register the workstation on a given computer, Conifer does not know what library you work for. Instead, Conifer has to use the built-in Evergreen account to authenticate (just the first time for the installed staff client, but every time for the web staff client). This poses a problem at Laurentian, as most Laurentian users do not (and should not) know the password for their built-in Evergreen account.

Therefore, if you work at a site that normally uses an alternate authentication scheme, such as Laurentian's use of LDAP authentication, you can reset your built-in Evergreen password by visiting and entering your barcode or user name (mx_example@… for Laurentian users) and clicking Submit. Within five minutes, you will receive an email at your email address with a link that lets you set your password.

Once you have registered the workstation, use your full email address (for example, mx_example@…) for your user name when logging into the staff client.

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