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    3333You might need to tweak the font size under Settings, depending on how many rows are on your call numbers.
     35== Printing with Hatch ==
     37''Hatch'' is both a browser extension and an application that you can install to gain more control over your printing in Evergreen.
     39The main advantages it offers offer the browser-based printing are:
     41* Hatch prints directly to the printer you have configured for each task (Receipt, Label, Mail, Offline) instead of opening a print dialogue and forcing you to select a printer
     42* For label printing, Hatch only prints one label, instead of forcing you to change the Pages in the print dialogue to "1"
     43* For label printing, Hatch narrows the gaps between rows on the label
     45The main disadvantages of Hatch vs. browser-based printing are:
     47* It requires you to install both a browser extension and a program on each workstation where you want to use Hatch, meaning more moving parts for each upgrade.
     48* The Hatch program is only available for download on Windows. It can also be manually installed on Linux. It is not available on MacOS.
     49* Currently (as of 2020-01-16) the Hatch browser extension can only be used on Chrome, as there is a [ bug with the Firefox extension].
     51=== Setting up Hatch-based printing ===
     53I recommend setting up browser-based printing to begin with, as it is simpler and you can reuse the same print templates for printing with Hatch.
     55Setting up Hatch-based printing consists of the following steps:
     571. Download and install the latest version of the Hatch installer from (as of 2020-16-16, that is Hatch 0.3.2). Windows and/or security software might complain that it does not recognize the Hatch installer; you will have to override the warnings by (for example) clicking "More information" in the Windows warning dialogue.
     581. In Chrome, add the [ Hatch Native Messenger] browser extension.
     591. In Chrome, log into the web staff client
     601. Click '''Administration''' -> '''Workstation''' -> '''Printer Settings'''. The '''Hatch Printer Settings''' window opens.
     611. For each print type (Default, Receipt, Label, Mail, Offline):
     62  1. Select the printer you want to use for the type of printing
     63  1. Adjust any of the parameters (e.g. '''Print Color''') you might want to change. For the '''Label''' type of printing, when using a '''Dymo LabelWriter''' printer, ensure you set the following options:
     64    1. '''Paper Type''': '''30347 1 x 1-1/2 in''' (if using 1" x 1.5" labels; adjust according to your label size)
     65    1. '''Automatic Margins''': '''HARDWARE_MINIMUM'''
     66  1. Click '''Apply Changes'''
     671. Enable Hatch printing. Open '''Administration''' -> '''Workstation''' -> '''!Print/Storage Service ("Hatch")''' and check '''Use Hatch For Printing'''
     69The first time you print using Hatch during a given session, there will be a delay after you send the print job. However, subsequent print requests should be processed almost immediately.