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Add a note about deleting blank lines from the call number

Printing labels on a Dymo LabelWriter printer

Assuming you are using 30347 labels (1" x 1.5") in a Dymo LabelWriter printer, you can set things up using the J.N. Desmarais spine label template.

Using browser-based printing

Setting up browser-based printing consists of the following steps (one time per browser / workstation, thankfully):

  1. Download the template file from
  2. Open the Print spine labels window from Show -> Print Spine Labels on an item Actions menu
  3. On the Print spine labels window, click the Import button. A file browser dialogue opens.
  4. Select the template file you downloaded. A status message will pop up on the lower right saying that you have successfully imported the template. However, the new template will not yet be listed in the Templates drop-down menu.
  5. Close the Print spine labels window.
  6. Re-open the Print spine labels window from Show -> Print Spine Labels on an item Actions menu
  7. From the Templates drop-down menu, select Spiny. Click Apply.
  8. Press Print. The print dialogue will open.
  9. Chrome defaults to its own print dialogue, in which you must:
    1. Select the Dymo LabelWriter printer
    2. Select Pages -> Custom and enter "1"
    3. Under Advanced set Paper size to 30347 (1" x 1.5")
    4. Under Advanced set Margins to Minimum
    5. Under Advanced set Scale to Default
    6. Under Advanced ensure the Options -> Headers and footers is cleared.

When you hit print, you should get a working spine label and the browser will remember your print settings from then on.

In the future:

  1. Delete any blank lines from the editable Call number (I hope to make this step happen automatically)
  2. Change the Pages setting to "1" (to avoid wasting labels)
  3. Ensure the Printer is set to your Dymo LabelWriter if you also print receipts, etc, from the same workstation

You might need to tweak the font size under Settings, depending on how many rows are on your call numbers.