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Laurentian University Acquisitions

Getting data from previous system

Some scripts were created in Java to extract the old data from the flat files, create java objects with the data, and then output them in either tab delimited plain text, or in sql statements. Java objects make it easily extendable if one wished to export the data into another format.

These can be found at

After getting this data, I loaded it into the test server under a schema called luacqdata

Importing data into Art's Spreadsheets

To import the data from the database into Art's spreadsheet (found at, I just created a monster of a query that produced all the information in the order required to import directly into the masterlist spreadsheet. This query can be found at

The query imports data from a certain year, and to change the year, you just need to change the years at the end:

ord."FISCAL_CYCLE" = '2003' AND li."FISCAL_CYCLE" = '2003'

Vendors and funds were a lot simpler to get. The sql queries for those are in the file

Importing data into Evergreen's acquisitions schema