Adding Holdings

This section demonstrates adding your library’s volume and copy records to an existing title record. The steps here also apply to adding volume and copy records to a title record you imported or created.

Adding Holdings to an Existing Title Record

  1. Search the catalogue for a record that matches the item in hand.
  2. When record is displayed, select Actions for this Record > Holdings Maintenance.

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  1. The record opens in Record Summary View. Select your library from list and click Actions for Selected Rows > Add Volumes.

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  1. Enter amount in # of volumes field, type in a call number, or if the call number pulled from MARC record is acceptable click Apply to bring call number down to call number field, enter number of copies, scan barcode, and click Edit then Create. Use the Tab or Enter keys to move through fields.

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  1. The Copy Editor opens. Make all necessary edits by moving through fields and clicking Apply on every edit, and click Create Copies.
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