Working with the MARC Editor

The MARC Editor allows you to edit MARC tags, sub-fields, and indicators.

Editing MARC Records

  1. To access the MARC Editor, retrieve a record in cataloguing in the client.
  2. Once record is displayed, select Actions for this Record > MARC Edit.


You can set MARC Edit as default view by clicking Set bottom interface as Default.

  1. MARC record is displayed. Use scroll bar on right to move record up and down on screen.

  1. Depending on your preference, you can select Stack subfields to change the way subfields are displayed.

  1. Now the subfields are on different rows.

  1. To add or remove rows, or replace a tag, right click into a tag and make your selection.

  1. To work with the data in a tag simply click into required field.

  1. To edit indicators, click into required field and right click to view correct indicators and enter appropriate data.

  1. Once your edits are complete, click Save Record.

Click the OK button.


It is simple to navigate through the MARC Editor using keyboard shortcuts. Click Help to see this shortcut menu from within the MARC Editor.

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