Editing Shortcut Commands in the MARC Editor

Keyboard CommandKey CombinationNotes
Add a Field/Row?Control + EnterPosition the cursor on the field that you want below the new field.
Add a Subfield DelimiterControl + D
Remove Field/Row?Control + Delete
Remove a Subfield Delimiter and valueShift + DeleteThe system will not allow the final subfield to be deleted. You must delete entire field to delete.
Insert a Field/Row?Control + Shift + EnterThis works particularly well when you want to insert a field between the 008 field and the next field (below the 008 field).
Right Mouse-Click Commands
Add a Blank FieldRight click on the field that would be below the new field and clicking on Add Field. To add a particular field, click on the value in the drop-down menu.
Delete a field Right click on the field itself.
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