Updating Patrons using LDAP Lookup

Windsor uses a campus LDAP directory but definitive information for patron records comes from two separate campus applications which can only provide CSV files. LDAP is still useful for obtaining minimal information, especially for setting up a quick patron registration.

There are actually two elements that are required on the initial screen, but the only one that is marked is the barcode. The other is the uwinid, which can be entered directly or obtained through the directory lookup.

The lookup is a typical "typeahead" kind of option, and starts listing names and associated departments after 3 letters are entered. You can select the patron you want to add from the list.

I have added a checkdigit validation option to the self-registration screen, but not to this option. The reasoning is that staff might have need to add someone with a bogus barcode. This can easily be changed if we want to enforce proper barcodes for any addition.

The next screen lists the uwinid (brhyno) and the barcode. If this looks ok, use the Update Conifer option.

The update uses the method of the service, the actual update looks like the following. In an ideal world, we would pull this from the LDAP server, but instead, we use the LDAP server, if necessary, to get the uwinid, which we then use to do a lookup in a set of CSV files from central computing. We don't use the expiry date in these files (which matches the end of an academic term) but, instead, use Oct. 15 of the following year in order to give a grace period on the account.

  M 9B6","ON","157 Dowswell St",null,-1,1,1,null,null,1,1]}],[{"__c":"ac","__p":[n
  l,null,null,{"__c":"aua","__p":["Permanent","Essex","Canada",null,-1,"N8M 3B6","
  ON","157 Dowswell St",null,-1,1,1,null,null,1,1]},{"__c":"ac","__p":[null,"41862
  ,null,{"__c":"aua","__p":["Permanent","Essex","Canada",null,-1,"N9M 9B6","ON","1
  57 Dowswell St",null,-1,1,1,null,null,1,1]},null,"2",null,"41862004443444",null,

It is hard to tell from the syntax above, but this record has been assigned the Leddy Library as the home library. This affiliation is actually in the CSV files. An update request checks whether the barcode or organization id is already in the system, and the barcode should be specified as the initial password. Hopefully, for most requests, the update will be seamless.

The patron should now be in Evergreen.

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