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First draft of log in troubleshooting script


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     1= Helping users log into My Account =
     3The following troubleshooting script should be useful for users at sites that used to be hosted on Laurentian University's library system.
     5  1. Are you entering your barcode or email address?
     6    a. EMAIL ADDRESS. Suggest that they use their library barcode to begin with. (Best approach is to use barcode first time around, as there might be a typo in the email address, or they might be using instead of or vice versa, or an old address they forgot about, or strange capitalization in their email address like, or any number of differences that will result in a failed login).
     7    a. BARCODE. Good. For bonus points, ask them what their barcode is and use the "Search patron by barcode" menu item in the staff client to look up their account to ensure that it is valid.
     8  1. Did you ever change your old library system password?
     9    a. NO. Okay, your password should be the last four digits of your library barcode.
     10    a. YES. Okay, enter your old password using UPPER CASE for any letters that might be in your password. (The old system forced every letter to upper case, no matter what you entered, while the new system treats lower case and upper case letters differently).
     11  1. Ask the patron to try logging in with their barcode + password and to describe exactly what they see. At this point, they should see the "you must change your password" prompt - which some people seem to interpret as a failed login attempt. Help them through this step, as many people skip the help that states the password must contain 7 characters, including at least one letter and one number.
     12  1. Was the patron able to log in successfully?
     13    a. NO. Reset the user's password for them and have them try again.
     14    a. YES. Point out that the patron can check and update their username and email address in the "My Account" section of the OPAC. Suggest that they set their username to be the same as their email address to make it easier to remember their login in the future. Sit back and enjoy the sweet feeling of victory.