Conifer OPAC Committee
Thursday, March 18, 2010

  1. Review notes from previous meeting (March 18, 2010)
  1. Progress report on three priority tickets from last meeting
    • #391 - Display location, call number, and URLs on search results page
    • #63 - Making it easier to move forward and backward through results lists
    • #393 - Apostrophes in title relevance bug fix
  1. Review new tickets

Progress Report

Ticket #391: Progress continues, Kevin reports that he expects to be finished fairly soon.

Ticket #63: Basically done. Can be rolled out all skins.

Ticket #393: Waiting for next Evergreen version.

New Tickets

#10: Specific to Laurentian. Dan thinks this is not really necessary any more, and will close the ticket.

#297: It isn’t clear how this could be implemented. It would probably require a fairly substantial change in cataloguing, since we often hang electronic and print holdings off the same bib record. There also exists a somewhat conflicting ticket that asks for print/electronic holdings to collapse. We will investigate further and discuss in more detail at the next meeting.

#428: This is a skin problem specific to Windsor, and should be changed back to a defect. Annette’s example cited in the ticket lacks a $9 subfield; in cases such as this, the cataloguing needs to be fixed.

Other Business

Dan has added a nightly script that automatically adds “and” as a search term for indexing items whose text includes an ampersand.

Dan has added further enhancements to Laurentian’s display to hide $2 and $4 subfields, making the display a bit cleaner.

Robin’s summer plans include getting Algoma’s skins up to date. Peter has the same plans for Windsor. There is a general consensus to develop a default skin for Conifer using Laurentian’s current skins as the model.

The St. Joseph’s Care group is working with Michael McArthur to get on board.

Jen Dumond reports that interest has been expressed in the ability to search by publisher.

Dan will investigate the possibility of adding a keyword:publisher index.

The next committee meeting will be May 13. Peter will send out a tentative list of dates for meetings for the summer.

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