Conifer OPAC Committee
Thursday, December 17, 2009
10-11am Agenda

  1. Introductions
  2. Discussion: What do we want the scope of the committee to be?
  3. Prioritizing existing OPAC tickets
  4. Process for adding new OPAC tickets

Introductions: Present for the meeting were

  • Jen Dumond, Instruction and Public Services Librarian at NOSM
  • Robin Isard, Systems Librarian at Algoma
  • Dan Scott, Systems Librarian at Laurentian
  • Ashley Thomson, Head of Research Services at Laurentian
  • Penny Tyrell, Public Services Supervisor at Algoma
  • Peter Zimmerman, Head of Information Services at Windsor

Scope of the Committee: There was a general consensus that users and staff are fairly content with the OPAC as it stands, with a recognition that there are some important improvements needed. At Algoma, faculty are very happy with the Conifer OPAC, and Algoma and NOSM both report no complaints from users. Feedback at Laurentian has been good. At Windsor, use is high compared to our previous option, with few complaints. There was also a general recognition that OPAC issues are possibly less significant than some of the more critical issues in other areas. In terms of scope, the committee’s immediate focus will be generating and prioritizing enhancements for the existing Conifer OPAC rather than considering options for rebuilding or replacing the Conifer OPAC.

Prioritizing Tickets: There was some discussion around the circulated list of tickets designated “enhancements-OPAC”. Members will review existing tickets that may not have been given this designation to ensure that we have a complete list. Based on existing tickets and discussion around issues that were not yet on the ticket list, the following three priorities were identified:

  • Display location, call number, and URLs on search results page (ticket #391)
  • Show the due date (tickets #378 and #305)
  • Add “periodical title” search (tickets #2 and #393)

Dan Scott reported that the periodical title issue may be ameliorated by solving a bug in the relevance ranking. Exact matches are supposed to come to the top, but titles with apostrophes (e.g. L’Histoire) are failing to do so. The developers will focus on fixing this bug (ticket #393), rather than developing a specific periodical search capability. Members will keep an eye out for examples of periodical titles that are not affected by this bug but are also not easily found using the title search.

Process for Adding New Tickets: Members will create new tickets for enhancements on an ongoing basis. The committee will then meet to determine which tickets should be raised to critical priority for immediate developer attention. Please make sure you search toattempt to determine whether the issue you are adding has already been addressed, and try to create small, precise tickets.

Other Business: Dan Scott reported that the Laurentian campus partners are interested in refresher staff training sessions for the new year. The topics and training materials may be of interest to those who are unable to attend. Dan will put out a call for input regarding these sessions.

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