Conifer OPAC Committee
Thursday, March 18, 2010

  1. Progress report on three priority tickets from last meeting
    • Display location, call number, and URLs on search results page (ticket #391)
    • Show the due date (tickets #378 and #305)
    • Add “periodical title” search (tickets #2 and #393)
  1. Review remaining tickets and identify next priority
  1. Other business

Introductions: Present for the meeting were

  • Kevin Beswick, Systems, Laurentian
  • Robin Isard, Systems Librarian at Algoma
  • Dan Scott, Systems Librarian at Laurentian
  • Ashley Thomson, Head of Research Services at Laurentian
  • Penny Tyrell, Public Services Supervisor at Algoma
  • Peter Zimmerman, Head of Information Services at Windsor

Regrets: Jen Dumond, Northern Ontario School of Medicine

Progress Report:

Ticket #391: Progress is being made, see Dan’s sample link in the ticket change history. There is still work to be done on links to online resources, call numbers, formatting, and handling multiple copies.

Tickets #378 and #305: Completed. There was a due date bug which has been fixed. The current solution is probably not ideal, the preference would be to see status appear inline, but the major functionality is there. A refinement ticket could be opened at a lower priority if desired.

Tickets #2 and #393. A fix for the problem with apostrophes (#393) will probably have to wait for the next version of Evergreen. Meanwhile, Dan has developed a solution for #2 that is implemented in the Laurentian skins. Ticket #2 can drop in priority, but will be kept open to give other partners a chance to apply it to their skins.

Other updates:

Dan showed modifications to the “few or zero hits” message area ( The link to “search everywhere” has been removed, and “Search ScholarsPortal ebooks” and “Search Google Scholar” have been added with a skin-dependant proxy.

Dan also experimented on the test server with tweaking relevance to make title keywords more valuable than other keywords. The committee agreed this should be put into production immediately.

Review of tickets:

Robin will do #63 Making it easier to move forward and backward through results lists in the next couple days. The priority will be raised to critical.

#392 Add wildcard / truncation to search is in the pipe at Evergreen. Boolean OR searching is also in the Evergreen pipe.

#46 Quick search in staff OPAC and public OPAC: The committee agrees it would be best not to change staff client. The committee would like to see the public OPAC to search call number as the first option. The priority will be raised to critical.

#49 Search filters in DESM skin, public and staff client catalogues: There was some discussion regarding the usefulness of the literary form and audience filters. The ticket indicates that values have rarely been coded for these fields at Laurentian, and this also the case at Windsor. The result could be incomplete or inaccurate results when using these filters. Dan will grep the search logs to determine how much these filters have been used. We will discuss further at the next meeting.

#127 HRSRH home page config: Looks ok, Dan will close the ticket.

#216 Ability to change or edit a book bag name: This would be a useful enhancement, but remains a minor priority.

#426 Advanced search option - by collection: This item is specific to HRSRH, but should also be linked to #49 in that both deal with literary form and audience filters.

Other business:

Dan and Robin gave a development snapshot:

  • Reserves will be a standalone OpenSRF application. The developers are trying to get a working demo by the end of term.
  • Major work on acquisitions is going on in Evergreen core.
  • Robin is working on a number of admin interfaces.
  • In serials, there has been no development since last summer. The only ticket is to add an alert dialogue: “Are you sure you want to delete these holdings?” Other sites are developing check-in capabilities that we might be able to take advantage of.
  • Robin is looking at linking Algoma’s archival holdings to Conifer.
  • Dan is working on documentation for development to try to facilitate more community involvement.
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