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Report on actively used bib records by library, 2018

Running the following query counts the number of distinct bibliographic records that are associated with:

  • 1 or more copies owned by the target library system
  • 1 or more URIs (URLs for electronic resources) owned by the target library system

The report filters out deleted bib records and deleted call numbers and avoids duplicates. It is my belief that this is an accurate reflection of the number of bib records a given library would need to extract if it wanted to leave Conifer and create its own library system.

Note: If one wants to consider the number of records required for a single system (for example, all of the records required by the Laurentian campus libraries), it may be lower than the simple sum of all of the individual libraries in the system. For example, two different libraries in the same system may have attached copies to the same record.

Note: This does not count the number of records required for URIs, as the required location for those changed so that they are recorded at the system level rather than at the individual library level.

As of February 22, 2018, here's the list of libraries and the number of bib records each one currently requires: