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Reports Tutorial

The following pdf was make by the folks atSITKA. It's a great place to start. Don't be intimidated by the length, it's mostly screen shots.

Some important fields are:

Organizational Unit ID .
This is how you filter out results for your own library. Contact a developer to get this number and don't share it with anyone you don't want to be running reports on your library and patrons.

Call Number Label .
This is the actual call number on the spine of the book. It can be found usually under Circulating Item > Call Number/Volume?.


You're only allowed one source

but you should find everything you need in that source.

Only drill down if you need to.

You'll see the same source and field names listed many times as you drill down, this is to ensure you can access what you need to regardless of the source you start with. The data in the field "Copy ID", found via drilling down to:

Circulation :: Circulating Item


Circulation -> Item -> Circulation :: Circulating Item

is the same and you can use either one in an expression without changing the result. You should use the first one if you can though, because it's shorter "Source Specifier" means it's less work for the db to pull the information out.

Avoid the data type "link" and "id"

These fields are database specific and won't return what you think they will. Selecting id from "Call Number/Volume? ID" will not retrieve call numbers but rather a list of integers used by the db to keep track of call numbers in the system. It may seem like listing ID and link fields at all just adds to the complexity of the report generator, but they're very useful for the db administrator.