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Installing Postgres


PostgreSQL is a powerful object-relational open source database server. Evergreen uses Postgres as its backend datastore. Earlier versions of Evergreen used version 8.2, currently (post v1.4) Evergreen uses Postgresql 8.3. The instructions below are for installing 8.3. See the references below for instructions on installing version 8.2 if you're using an older version of Evergreen.

The assumption being made in this documentation, is that the database server is separate from the open-ils server.

Installing the Software

Postgres is a common default install on most distros and might already be installed. As root (using either sudo or su), run apt to see:

    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install postgresql-8.3

If postgres is already installed, apt will say so and make no changes, otherwise it will be installed with default settings.