Seeing which groups a user belongs to

There are some good magic spells for this kind of stuff at Evergreen magic spells.

evergreen=# SELECT 
  FROM permission.grp_tree pgt 
  INNER JOIN permission.usr_grp_map pugm on pugm.grp = 
  INNER JOIN actor.usr aou ON = pugm.usr 
  WHERE aou.family_name = 'Scott' 
  AND aou.first_given_name = 'Daniel'
 Super circulators
 Super cataloguers
 Local System Administrator
(3 rows)

And work org_units:

evergreen=# SELECT 
  FROM actor.org_unit aou 
  INNER JOIN permission.usr_work_ou_map puwm ON puwm.work_ou = 
  INNER JOIN actor.usr au ON = puwm.usr 
  WHERE au.family_name = 'Scott' 
  AND au.first_given_name = 'Daniel'
 J.N. Desmarais Library
 Leddy Library
 Paul Martin Law Library
(3 rows)
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