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Networking Issue

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How to set iptables in Debian
Necessary Ports - Database Server
Necessary Ports - Open-ils Server
Testing port configuration connection


Network security is an important aspect of any distributed database, particularly one in which patron data is kept. Like any computer these days, Linux servers come with a configurable firewall referred to generically as iptables. The following is a description of the ports that need to be opened via iptables for Evergreen to work. Iptables is a very complicated topic that can take you into the depths of packet routing and The assumption is a two server (database and oils) server configuration.

NOTE: Our ISP keeps our production servers behind a substantial firewall and coordination with them is essential. Any ports you open via iptables, also need to be opened in their firewall. This is done by contacting support after you've configured iptalbes.

How to set iptables in Debian

In Debian Lenny there are two ways to change iptables. You can issue commands at the shell prompt using the iptables command.