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upgrade 2011 plans

Upgrading to 2.0 - 2011

Why are we upgrading to 2.0?

We migrated to Evergreen during the final months during which 1.6 was getting ready for release. Since then, a significant amount of development has gone into Evergreen - bringing new features, performance improvements, interfaces that are easier to use, and security and bug fixes.

A slightly outdated overview of what to expect from Evergreen 2.0 and our migration strategy is available in HTML, PDF, and text formats.


April 8 Upgrade test server to 2.0.5 Complete
April 15 Port catalogue skins to 2.0.x Complete (n.b. needs testing)
April 22 Upgrade test server to 2.1 beta Cancelled: 2.1 is still too unstable to adopt at this time
April 25 Evergreen Conference Complete
May 6 Complete upgrade of test server to latest 2.0.x stable release In progress
May 9 Testing on test server commences in earnest
May 16 Fixes and updates to process documentation for issues raised during testing
May 20 Go / no-go meeting for upgrade over the weekend
May 27 Fallback weekend for upgrade

Testing plans


  • Rules calculate fines correctly for most common categories
  • Scheduled reports continue to provide accurate (or more accurate) information
  • Reminder / overdue notices generated appropriately for all languages
  • Item history / patron history
  • Fine payments
  • Fields that we have hidden locally (date of birth, internet filtering) should stay hidden
  • New: Set due time as well as due date
  • New: Ensure Renew items interface works correctly
  • New: Adopt bookings / reservations at some locations?

Testing - Cataloguing

  • Located URIs for electronic resources
    • Ingest multiple URIs successfully
    • Remove URIs and reingest to enable deleting a record
  • Spine labels
    • Printing still works
    • *New* Set per-library formatting defaults
    • *New* Prefixes / suffixes by shelving location
  • Call numbers
    • *New* Default to LC or Dewey on a per-library basis
    • *New* Improved call number sorting
  • Serials
    • Raw MFHD approach still works
    • *New* User-friendly predictions and check-ins
  • *New* Authorities management and use

Testing - Public interface

  • Display URI / call number / location / availability in search results
  • SFX lookups
  • Local branding in skins
  • French / English interfaces
  • Zotero support
  • Keyword / title / author / subject / series searches (including phrases)
  • *New* Advanced search options
    • Boolean OR
    • Wildcard '*' truncation operator
    • Identifier indices

Testing - System integration

  • RACER integration
    • Accurate ISSN / ISBN search via Z39.50
  • Self-check machines
    • Supports Unicode characters in patron names / item metadata