Upgrade to Evergreen 2.7

Upgrade dates

These are a bit hand-wavy for now.

  • 2014-11-14: Finish merging Conifer-specific changes to core 2.7 code
  • 2014-11-17: Test server running core 2.7 code
    • Begin database updates
  • 2014-11-19: Database updates complete
    • Conifer systems team tests staff client
    • General testing of catalogue functionality
  • 2014-11-21: Release test staff client
    • General testing of core staff features (cataloguing, circulation, search, reporting, printing)
    • Iteratively fix things that are reported as broken or missing
  • 2014-12-16: Go/No?-Go decision for production upgrade
  • 2014-12-29/2014-12-30: Upgrade production server

Conifer feature branches

Here are the branches that are possible candidates for forward porting to Evergreen 2.7; we'll then merge all of the Conifer 2.7 branches onto a clean rel_2_7 branch for the master mergery branch.

git fetch --all && git branch -a | grep conifer | grep feature
Branch name Port to 2.7? Notes
feature/CAS_auth_dynamic_links_2_4 No Windsor only
feature/admin_hours_2_4 Probably
feature/apache-hosts Yes It's time to update to 2.7
feature/apache-lib-entries Yes It's time to update to 2.7
feature/barcode_generator_2_4 Yes
feature/callno_tpac_template_2_4 Maybe Top four commits affect TPAC email and print options
feature/circ_scripts_2_4 No Let's configure this in the database instead
feature/en-CA-default Yes
feature/ezproxy-authentication No Windsor only
feature/fts-polish-l_2_4 Yes Candidate for core?
feature/hold_slip_format_due_date Maybe Need to check with circ to see if anyone outside Windsor uses this (number of days to hold an item on shelf)
feature/ldap_osul_2_4 Yes
feature/marctemplates_2_4 Yes
feature/migration-scripts No
feature/move_to_storage_2_4 Yes
feature/patron-privacy_2_4 Yes This hides annoying date of birth, etc, in staff client view
feature/resolver No Integrated into Evergreen core
feature/sfx_isbns No JSPAC, yuck
feature/sfx_parser No Used in integration with SFX, but it's really outside of Evergreen
feature/tools/eresources_load_2_4 No External to Evergreen proper; it should just run as is.
feature/tools/patron_load_2_4 No External to Evergreen proper; it should just run as is.
feature/tools_2_4 Probably not This appears to be the merged branch of the various tools* branches.
feature/tools_daily_scripts_2_4 Probably not Scripts are external to Evergreen proper
feature/tpac_eresources_highlander_2_4 Yes Hides 856 URLs if we have OpenURL results.
feature/tpac_hide_awards_2_4 Yes We don't have awards to show.
feature/tpac_show_details_config_2_4 Yes Default to showing full record details.
feature/upgrade_db_2_4 No We made it to 2.4, need to get to 2.7!

I'm bringing these forward by checking out an origin/rel_2_7 branch, then cherry-picking the changes on top of the branch and pushing it back to the remote as the _2_7 variant:

2.7 branch name Notes
feature/tpac_hide_awards_2_7 As this modifies a copied old version of extras.tt2 into templates_conifer, we'll also need to update it manually. NOT DONE YET
feature/tpac_algoma_2_7 Algoma skin (still needs 2.7 template matching)
feature/tpac_osul_2_7 Laurentian skin (still needs 2.7 template matching)
feature/tpac_nosm_2_4 NOSM skin (still needs 2.7 template matching)
feature/tpac_hsn_2_7 Health Sciences North skin (still needs 2.7 template matching)
feature/tpac_boreal_2_7 Boreal skin (still needs 2.7 template matching)
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