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Your Zotero library contains three columns. The left column is an overview of your collection (s), the middle column displays a selected collection's content, and the right column displays the details of a selected item.


To see whether you have duplicates, click on the Duplicate Items collection. This will allow you to merge duplicates one at a time. 

Important: All references are in the My Library collection.  Each reference may also be placed in one or more collections—so if you have five collections, the same reference could appear five times. These are not considered duplicates!!


Zotero facilitates the management and formatting of citations. However, you should always check the citation data as well as the formatting of your in-text citations and the generated bibliography, to ensure the completeness and accuracy of the information. You can edit any citation from the column to the right.


Access Full Text of an Item

In the middle column, move your cursor over the item you want to read, then then click the right arrow at the top of the column.  You can select Library Lookup or Google Scholar Search.  Library Lookup, which leads to the full text of an item available through the Laurentian's Omni Catalogue works assuming you have followed Step 5 in the Set-Up Instructions.

Create a Bibliography

a.  Within a collection, select items that you want to include. In Windows, click one item and then press Control A; in a Mac, click one item, then press Command A.
b.  Right click your mouse and then left click Create Bibliography from items.
c.  Pick your Citation Style / Language [en-CA] / Output Mode [Bibliography]  / and Output Method [Normally, Save as RTF].  Save on your Desktop.