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Cancellations (2019-2020)

The following databases have been cancelled as a consequence of the library’s reduced collection budget.  We could only cancel resources with contracts coming to an end this year. Of those resources, we cancelled the ones with the highest cost per download. Where possible, we have highlighted resources that provide similar content.

No French resources have been cancelled.

  • American Institute of Physics (access ends Dec. 31st)
  • American Physiological Society (access has ended)
  • Canadian Newsstand (access ends Dec. 31st). Most Canadian newspapers are available through Lexis-Nexis
  • Encyclopedia Britannica (access has ended). General coverage of most subjects is available through Wikipedia
  • Film and Television Index (access has ended)
  • Project MUSE (access ends Dec 31st)
  • PsycTESTS (access has ended)
  • Worldcat - Firstsearch (access ends Dec 31st). Contents available through free version of WorldCat

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