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To learn more about the library and  its resources and how you can exploit them to your advantage, I encourage you to register in the Research Skills Tutorial on D2L. There are several sections in the tutorial with a short quiz at the end of each; at the end you will receive a Certificate of Completion. Many professors require you to take this tutorial--and the beauty of it is that once you finish it, you can reprint your certificate as often as necessary.

At the beginning of term the library hosts live Orientation tours as well as Zotero classes  which you can sign up for at the library's entrance, and even after the formal schedule is finished, we are very happy to put on special classes at the request of at least 5 students.  For more please contact Ashley Thomson. Finally, if you think your whole class could benefit from some in-class instruction, please prevail upon your professor to contact Mr. Thomson to set something up.