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Library Instruction Course Videos Now Available

These videos provide a virtual tour of the library, general instruction regarding library services, Omni, databases, e-journals and e-books.

The following videos will enable you to:

  • Familiarize yourself with the services offered by the Library and Archives (in particular during the current pandemic);
  • Discover research guides associated with your subject area;
  • Discover online dictionaries and encyclopedias, in both English and French;
  • Learn how to conduct simple and advanced searches in Omni;
  • Learn how to borrow books in person and from off-campus;
  • Learn how to use our various e-book collections (locate appropriate e-books and e-book chapters);
  • Learn how to retrieve articles from e-journals and chapters from e-books;
  • Evaluate if an article is from a peer-reviewed journal and is a scholarly or academic article;
  • Learn how to search various online database (Ebsco, ProQuest, Web ofKnowledge,...);
  • Learn how to format citations based on a variety of standards such as APA,MLA,...;
  • Familiarize yourself with Zotero, a citation management tool.

You can access them at: Library instruction course videos