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Open Educational Resources: Perspective and Potential (Webinar)

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You have probably heard of Open Educational Resources (OER) and perhaps utilized one or more in various forms, in the past. However, there has been an unprecedented proliferation of OER’s providing new opportunities for both teaching and learning. This session will examine OER’s recent advancements and provide an opportunity to learn about the benefits, barriers and the tremendous potential of OER’s.

There will be specific emphasis on the progressive and future focused initiatives of eCampusOntario, such as the 70million dollar Virtual Learning Strategy, that has increased digital learning capacity in most postsecondary institutions in Ontario.


James Burke MES, MEd, CTDP, Sessional Faculty, Faculty of Management, Laurentian University, and an eCampus Ontario Open Ranger.

Strategic Objective

To inform and increase awareness of the proliferation and the enhanced potential of Open Educational Resources.


February 2, 2024: 11:00 – 12:00 noon, via Zoom (please RSVP)