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In-person Library Workshops have returned!

This winter the library is offering workshops on searching Library Databases and on
Zotero, a free reference manager that helps you track and manage your citations.

1) Workshop: Searching Library Tools and Databases: Tips and Tricks

Content: If you are spending too much time finding references for your paper, you can
speed things up if you first attend this workshop. In it, you will learn the secrets of
retrieving relevant references quickly using libraries search tools (such as Omni and
library databases). Satisfaction guaranteed. Class limit: 20. Date: January 17th – 1:30pm

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2) Workshop: Zotero: The “Killer App”

Once you have identified relevant references, Zotero allows you to quickly save them on
your desktop using a connector for Chrome or Firefox. Then, you can incorporate them
into a paper you are writing in almost any format you choose—APA, MLA, Chicago,
Vancouver and many more. Zotero also generates a bibliography of the references you
have used at the end of your paper. This is the one tool fourth year students wish they
had heard about in first year. Class limit: 20. Date: January 30th – 2:30pm

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