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Previous Exams

Warning: The exams that are contained in this collection are mostly very old and may be quite different from exams currently administered in Laurentian courses.  Unless a course instructor has specifically recommended that you consult a previous exam in this collection, it is inadvisable to assume that exams in this collection will be of any assistance in preparing you for an exam in a course in which you are currently enrolled.

Previous exams are hosted on LU Drive and they are not available in paper format anywhere in the Library and Archives.

Access to the exams on LU Drive (by way of the links below) is restricted to accounts. You will need to log in with your Laurentian account and use the "Switching accounts" button to access the folder.

  • Exams - English (PDF)

    Note: exams for PHYS1006 (2002), PHYS1007 (2003), PHYS2406 (2002), and PHYS2407 (2003) are password protected. Students registered in these courses can get the password from their professor or from the Department of Physics (Room F519).

  • Exams - French (PDF)

Course instructors: You may send previous exams to the Library and Archives in PDF format via email for inclusion in the Previous Exams collection for the use of students. Alternatively, even preferably, you might consider uploading previous exams on the D2L sites for your courses.