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Use of a Camera by Researchers in the Archives:

Policy and Procedures


The use of a personal camera by a researcher may be authorized when a document cannot be photocopied or scanned.


If a researcher wishes to use a camera for reproduction, he or she must specify whether the reproduction is for personal use or for publication, including posting on the web.


  • If the researcher intends to use the photograph for publication, he or she must obtain permission from the owner of the Copyright before reproducing the document.
  • Permission will be given if the researcher is reproducing and using the materials in compliance with the Copyright Act
  • The researcher must sign an agreement wherein he or she attests to knowing these rules and procedures, and that he or she will comply duly with the relevant policies, procedures, and legislation.


When permission is given, the researcher must follow the procedures of the LU Archives:


  • The researcher must complete and sign the form, ‘Request of Reproduction for Archival Materials’
  • Each item to be reproduced must be clearly identified and listed on the reproduction form.


The following procedures must be followed when photographing an item:


  • The researcher must leave the item flat on a table.
  • Use of flash or extra light is prohibited.
  • Standing on a chair, table, or ladder is not permitted.
  • Taking pictures of LU employees is not authorized.


If the reproduction is published, the researcher must:


  • Identify the LU Archives as the source of the document;
  • State that the photograph is not an official image of the document (since the LU Archives did not reproduce said document

The LU Archives reserves the right to verify the images on the camera after the researcher has photographed all items


I, [please print]_______________________, have read the policy and procedures for use of a camera in the Laurentian University Archives, and I attest to understanding these rules and will duly comply.