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WINNER - Gingerbread Design-Build Competition

A big thank you to all the participants, we are very happy to have had so much participation. Congratulations to the winners of the contest!

First place - Falling Icicles

The winner of this year's Gingerbread Design-Build Competition goes to Falling Icicles, an ambitious gingerbread replica of Frank Lloyd Wright's iconic Fallingwater house. The gingerbread architects of this masterpiece are McEwen School of Architecture graduate students: Celina Rios-Nadeau, Lisa Hoshowsky, Marie Jankovich and Prabhjit Brar.
Frank Lloyd Wright - Fallingwater House
Fallingwater House - Frank Lloyd Wright - photo by Daderot - Own work, CC0, Link

Second place - 2e place - Fifty Shades of Christmas (AKA East Residence)

The gingerbread architects of this striking replica of Laurentian's East Residence are from Facility Services: JP Cholette, Joscelyne Meilleur, Jeff St-Jean, Mélanie Dupuis, Marc Bédard, Roxane Marois, Brad Parkes, Linda Collette and Mitch Séguin

Third place - 3e place

The architect of this beautiful, traditional gingerbread house is a 2nd year architecture student: Sarah Tyler.

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