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How Librarians Develop the Collection

Librarians are responsible for ensuring the balance and integrity of the collection by working in close collaboration with departments, schools and program leaders.

You can request the addition of books, journal subscriptions, or research databases.

Bibliothécaires par Faculté

Faculté Langue Bibliothécaire
Arts français Natasha Gerolami (courriel ou prendre un rendez-vous virtuel)
  English Simon Beneteau (courriel)
Éducation et santé français Natasha Gerolami (courriel ou prendre un rendez-vous virtuel)
  English Dan Scott (courriel ou prendre un rendez-vous virtuel)
Gestion   Alain Lamothe (courriel ou prendre un rendez-vous virtuel)
Sciences & Génie   Alain Lamothe (courriel ou prendre un rendez-vous virtuel)
Faculté Langue Bibliothécaire
Architecture   Jennifer Ross (courriel ou prendre un rendez-vous virtuel)

Library Representatives

Library representatives, selected by their colleagues, are the departmental/school/program contact persons. Library representatives are encouraged to assist librarians in developing a collection that will support the academic needs of students and the research needs of faculty.

Building the Collection


To ensure that the available budget is expended responsibly, we strongly encourage all ordering units to submit orders to their unit's library representative by the end of December. Library representatives will pass these orders on to the librarian responsible for each discipline.

Collection Principles

The Library normally does not purchase two copies of a book; it does not as a general rule purchase textbooks.

Reading Lists

Please send copies of your assignments/reading lists to the appropriate librarian so that the Library can determine whether the items are available. You will be contacted if there are any problems regarding specific titles.


The Library welcomes gifts of either money or materials and is prepared to offer a receipt for income tax purposes. Materials are added to the collection as appropriate.

Faculty Publications

If you have published a book, we would appreciate your donation of a signed copy for the Faculty Authors’ Collection and a second copy for circulation. All donations are acknowledged, and you will receive a charitable donation receipt upon request. We strive to make faculty publications available within a day of receipt. Contact: Alain Lamothe, ext. 3304.

Institutional Repository

The Laurentian University institutional repository, called LU|ZONE|UL, enables you to deposit electronic copies of your journal articles, creative works, presentations, and other scholarly materials to support open access to information and significantly increase the visibility and impact of your work. For more information, contact Dan Scott, ext 3315.