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The Library & Archives provide several services to aid in the publication of academic and administrative works at Laurentian University:

  1. Publication-Related Advice: We can provide publication-related advice on such themes as copyright, open access and research data management.
  2. Software Platforms: We can provide access to certain software platforms to facilitate the editorial production of books and journals, and we can permanently host publications (e.g., open access journals and books) on LU Zone, Laurentian’s online institutional repository.
  3. Publisher Services: We act as the agent of the University in its role as publisher for the assigning of international standard book numbers (ISBNs), for the arranging of cataloguing in publication (CIP) and for legal deposit of exemplars of Laurentian-published works with Library and Archives Canada.

The Library & Archives provides no particular assistance with the physical printing of works; if printing services are required, a creator may wish to consult with the Laurentian’s Print Hub.