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New Books

The following list contains the most recently added books for Psychology. If you see a title that the library should have, please contact Desmond Maley.

What is Psychology?


For information about Laurentian's Psychology Department and the courses it offers, please visit the website of the Psychology Department's Bachelor's (BA or BSc.) or Master's programmes.


This guide provides recommendations for print and electronic resources for research in psychology.  If you would like to make an individual appointment, please e-mail me to arrange a date and time, as well as giving a brief description of your project.

Library Instruction

To learn more about the library and its resources and how you can exploit them to your advantage, register in the Research Skills Tutorial on D2L. There are several sections in the tutorial with a short quiz at the end of each; at the end you will receive a Certificate of Completion. Many professors require you to take this tutorial--and once you finish it, you can save your certificate to reprint as often as necessary.

In the fall,  the library hosts live Orientation tours as well as Zotero classes which you can sign up for at the library's entrance, and even after the formal schedule is finished, we are very happy to put on special classes at the request of at least 5 students. If you would like to arrange a special class, or you think your course would benefit from some in-class library instruction, please ask your professor to contact the librarian responsible for your faculty to set up some sessions.

Access to e-resources from off campus

Most of the Library's online resources are available to you from anywhere off campus through our proxy server.

Librarian for Psychology

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Name: Desmond Maley
Position Title: Associate Librarian
Email Address:
Extension: 3323
Office Location: 30-246, J.-N. Desmarais Library

More Help

In the library: The Library User Assistance Desk to your immediate left as you enter the library is a good place to start.

By email: Email the librarian responsible for your faculty for a reply during regular working hours.

By telephone: 705-675-4803, or toll free at 1-800-661-1058, ext. 2

By chat: With our "Ask the Library" service. For more information, see About Ask a Librarian.

For Distance Education students: Telephone: 1-800-661-1058, ext. 2 or email:

Get Started

Get Books and Theses

Get call numbers

Books on psychology are classified by the Library of Congress from BF 1 to BF 990.

BF Psychology

38 Philosophy of psychology
173 Psychoanalysis
176 Psychological tests and testing
180 Experimental psychology
309-499 Consciousness. Cognition (including learning, attention, comprehension, memory, intelligence, etc.)
501 Motivation
511 Affection. Feeling. Emotion
608 Will. Volition. Choice. Control
636 Applied psychology
660 Comparative psychology. Animal and human psychology
692 Psychology of sex. Sexual behavior
697 Differential psychology. Individuality. Self
698 Personality
699 Genetic psychology
712-724.85 Developmental psychology (including infant psychology, child psychology, adolescence, adulthood)
795-839 Temperament. Character


The catalogue is your primary tool for finding books in the J.N. Desmarais Library. You can also use the catalogue to find other materials, including government publications and journals (the journals themselves--not individual articles).

You can search the catalogue by:

  • Keyword
  • Title
  • Author
  • Subject
  • Journal Title
  • Series

When you know the book you are searching for, pick Title or Author; when you are searching for a topic, start with Keyword unless you know the Subject heading describing your topic.

Worldcat allows you to search for books worldwide. If we don't have it, you could request it through interlibrary loan.


In addition to books, you may wish to search for book-length Master's theses or Ph.D dissertations.

Best bet:  Dissertations and Theses (ProQuest).

If you are also looking for recent theses or dissertations produced by Laurentian graduates, check out LUZONE.  Note that since 2013, before graduation all Masters and Doctoral candidates MUST deposit their theses or dissertations in this repository.

PSYC 4104E Theses

The Archives holds all print theses prior to 2010. To find them, go to the Advanced menu and, under the Search Library box,  on the first line, enter Psychology and on the second, after changing the search option to KeyWord enter ESS.

Beginning in 2015, these theses are included in UZoneUL.

Get Articles

Articles: Quick Tips

The databases to the right provide references to many scholarly journal articles and papers.

  1. Start off with keyword searches expressing your topic. Keyword searching crosses all fields.
  2. Use Search Operators such as "OR" and "AND" to expand or reduce your results.
  3. Review those items that look relevant, then, exploit the details within those entries to help lead you to other relevant articles.
    • Pay attention to the subject headings (often called "descriptors") to see how the database describes your topic and use them to find related articles.
    • Find other papers written by the same author; these will typically be on similar subjects.
    • Follow citation trails: other articles that have cited this article will probably be on a related subject and will include citations to other articles of interest.
  4. For more Secrets of Searching a Database, review that section in How to Research Like a Librarian.

Recommended Starting Database

  • PsycINFO ?

    Description: PsycINFO is an electronic bibliographic database providing abstracts and citations to the scholarly literature in the psychological, social, behavioral, and health sciences. The database includes material of relevance to psychologists and professionals in related fields such as psychiatry, management, business, education, social science, neuroscience, law, medicine, and social work. Updated weekly, PsycINFO provides access to journal articles, books, chapters, and dissertations.

Recommended Subject Databases

  • Annual Review of Psychology ?

    Description: Covers the significant developments in the field of psychology including biological bases of behavior, sensation and perception, cognitive processes, animal learning and behavior, human development, psychopathology, clinical and counseling psychology, social psychology, personality, environmental psychology, and community psychology. Since 1950.

  • PsycARTICLES ?

    Description: PsycARTICLES is a database of full-text articles from journals published by the American Psychological Association, the APA Educational Publishing Foundation, the Canadian Psychological Association, and Hogrefe & Huber. The database includes all material from the print journals.


    Description: Full-text database of book and film reviews from 1956 to 2017, when the database was discontinued. Provides insights from a psychological perspective.

Multidisciplinary resources

  • Academic OneFile ?

    Description: More than 14,000 titles, including more than 9,000 peer-reviewed journals and more than 6,000 in full text. Extensive coverage of the physical sciences, technology, medicine, social sciences, the arts, theology, literature and other subjects since 1980.

  • BioOne Complete ?

    Description: BioOne bibliographic database is an indexed and fully-searchable collection of abstracts that link to the fulltext articles available from the BioOne organization. BioOne provides a unique aggregation of over 82 high-impact bioscience research journals from more than 66 publishers.

  • Medline (Ovid) ?

    Description: The latest bibliographic citations and author abstracts from more than 5,500 biomedicine and life sciences journals in nearly 40 languages.

  • PubMed ?

    Description: PubMed comprises more than 21 million citations for biomedical literature from MEDLINE, life science journals, and online books. Citations may include links to full-text content from PubMed Central and publisher web sites.

  • Web of Science ?

    Description: A comprehensive research platform that brings together many different types of content including journal articles, patents, websites, conference proceedings, and open access material. Web of Science is located within Web of Knowledge. This resource offers access to journal articles in the sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanities. Web of Science contains over 100 years of research, fully indexed and cross-searchable.

Peer Review

Peer Review is the evaluation of creative work by scholars in the same field in order to maintain or enhance the quality of the work in that field.

In the case of peer reviewed journals, which are usually academic, peer review generally refers to the evaluation of the articles in them prior to publication. For more, check out this definition of peer review.

  • To ascertain whether a journal is peer reviewed, consult Ulrichsweb.

Citation Sources

When researching a paper, it is useful to consult the citations used by the author of an article that you find relevant.  But that article itself may have been cited by other authors after it was first written. Two sources help you identify such citations:

Getting Articles @ Laurentian

In any database, when you see an article that interests you, click on it and, unless the article is available within the database itself, within the record you will see an image that says "Get it @ Laurentian":

Get it at Laurentian

When you click on that,  you will arrive at a menu which will lead to an electronic copy of the article you want, or, if not available electronically, to Laurentian's catalogue which will allow you to check if the article is available in print in the library, and if not, to a final link which allows you to order the item through Interlibrary loan.

Get Tests


PsycTESTS is a research database that provides access to (mostly non-commercial)  psychological tests, measures, scales, and other assessments as well as descriptive and administrative information. Descriptive summaries of the test and its development and administration, mostly drawn from articles in peer-reviewed journals or books, with downloadable tests. The Master Test Profile summarizes the test and provides purpose and construct; records for development, review, or use provide additional details. In addition to information on number of items, test format, administration method, and so on, 518 records contain Supporting Documentation, such as answer sheets, instructions, guides, check lists, or record sheets. Dates of coverage are from the early 1900s to the present.

N.B. The library cannot purchase any tests that are listed in PsycTESTS. Please consult with the Psychology Department if you are seeking a particular test.

Mental Measurements Yearbooks

Produced by the Buros Center for Testing at the University of Nebraska, Mental Measurements Yearbook provides a comprehensive guide to contemporary testing instruments.

Departmental Collection of Psychological Tests

The Psychology Department has its own small collection of psychological tests. For the inventory and borrowing procedures, please contact the Department.

Citing Sources and Zotero

Citing with APA

Publication manual of the American Psychological Association. Aka the APA style manual. 6th ed. 2010. Print.

An easyguide to APA style. 2014. Print.

Purdue Online Writing Lab. Open-access site for learning how to cite in APA and other styles.

Citing Sources

Properly citing your sources is an valuable and necessary skill for your research. See Laurentian's Citation Style Guides for quick reference on commonly used styles.

Tracking Your Research

Zotero is a free, web-based citation manager that allows you to: 

  • Directly import references from article databases, the library catalogue, e-book collections, etc.
  • Manage and organize your references.
  • Create a bibliography.
  • Share your references with others
  • Add in-text citation and a bibliography directly into your assignment 

Getting started with Zotero: