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Search Request Forms

Please refer to the  Anglican Church Diocese of Moosonee Search Request form in pdf format to make a request for parochial records. Please be advised that this form is obligatory in order to submit your search request.

These are the only records located in the archives with information that could be relevant to genealogical research. If you are enquiring about any other records or publications (census, microfilms of newspapers, or books) pertaining to genealogical research, please refer to the online catalogue, Borrower Services desk, or reference email.

If you would like information on how to access the parochial or other records from the Anglican Church Dioceses of Moosonee, you can send a detailed email or you can call the Archives at (705) 675-1151 ext. 3306.

Ensure that you have read the rules and conditions of access as well as the list of locations in which we have some parochial records

Anglican Diocese of Moosonee

In an effort to ensure the preservation of their records and to facilitate access, the Anglican Diocese of Moosonee has deposited their records at the Laurentian University Archives.  We provide access under the policies and conditions stipulated by the Diocese of Moosonee.

The records deposited in the archives were generated by the Synod Office and by parishes of the Diocese.

Image of Fort Albany Church

Synod Office Records:

The Synod Office records consist of administrative and historical diocesan records documenting the history of the diocese.

Information concerning parish registers can be found under the following Parochial Records section. 

Parochial Records:

There are 69 parishes in the Diocese of Moosonee for which we have records. They mainly consist of documents that were produced, received, and accumulated by the parishes. Due to the fragile state of preservation of the parish registers and the nature of the information, these are not accessible to researchers. The archives' employees will do the search for any request of baptism, marriage and burial records. (See access conditions) 

Record Requests:

Archives staff will provide assistance with research services; however, we are unable to commit to more than two hours of our time for such research. 

Policies and conditions of access:

The following PDF document outlines the policies and conditions for accessing the parochial records. It will allow you to determine your eligibility for access, and it will identify the information that you will need prior to making a request.

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