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  1. What is an "archival record"?

    An archival record is: recorded information, regardless of date, form or medium and of continuing value.

  2. What is a fonds?

    A fonds is: The whole of the records, regardless of date, form or medium, created, received used and automatically accumulated by an individual or corporate body in the course, or in the performance of their activities or functions, constituting the integral, organic and recorded information of the body or the individual.

  3. What is a collection?

    A collection is an artificial accumulation of documents of any provenance brought together on the basis of some common characteristic, e.g., way of acquisition, subject, language, medium, type of document, name of collector, to be treated for description purposes as a descriptive unit under a common title. Collectors may be those outside the archives who assembled the material, or may in some cases be an archival repository itself.

  4. I need to consult records from your archival fonds, can I just show up?

    To access the archival fonds, an appointment is required prior to your visit. Access to and reference for archival materials are generally offered only on Thursdays and Fridays. You can contact us by telephone at: (705) 675-1151 ext. 3306 or by email at

  5. Do you have old copies of LU student newspapers?

    Yes we do! Currently, we carry complete series and current issues of L'Orignal Déchaînél and Lambda as well as other LU student newspapers. In addition, L'Orignal Déchaîné and Lamba have been digitized and are available online.

  6. I live outside of the city. Can you send me archival documents by interlibrary loan?

    Archival fonds and the special collections housed in the archives cannot be borrowed through Inter-Library Loan services or taken out of the Angus Gilbert Reading Room. Only in-house consultation is authorized.

  7. I am not able to go to the archives. Can you do the research for me?

    Unfortunately, the archives staff cannot provide research services. However, we can put you in contact with freelance researchers who will do the research for you. It is your responsibility to negotiate the agreement with the researcher. The archives are not in any way responsible for the agreement or for the result of the research.

  8. Can I use my camera instead of photocopying or scanning the document?

    It is possible under certain circumstances. When a book or document is too fragile to be photocopied or scanned, we suggest that you bring your camera and take pictures. However, you must fill out a special form and let us know that you are planning to take pictures. Please consult our policy on use of camera in the archives.

  9. I am looking for information on a family member, are there genealogical records at the archives?

    The only documents in the archives that may contain pertinent genealogical information are those from the Anglican Diocese of Moosonee fonds. If you are enquiring about any other records or publications (census, microfilms of newspapers or books) pertaining to genealogical research, please refer to the online catalogue or Research Help desk or reference email.