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Recommended Free Data Resources

GeoBase: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG): This site provides access to quality, up-to-date, and well-maintained geospatial data for all of Canada.

Geogratis: Natural Resources Canada: This site distributes free geospatial data for Canada. There are numerous datasets in a variety of file formats.

Geoscience Data Repository: Natural Resources Canada: Through this site, users are provided with access to a large variety of digital images and datasets for all of Canada.

Health Region Boundary Files: Statistics Canada: This site provides access to downloadable files for the health boundaries in Canada in a variety of formats.

The National Soil DataBase (NSDB): Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada: This site provides users with access to datasets that pertain to landscape, soil, and climate for all of Canada.


Canadian and International Data

Scholars GeoPortal 
Scholars Portal
Scholars GeoPortal is a geospatial data discovery tool allowing Ontario’s university students and researchers to enrich their teaching and research by engaging with OCUL’s growing collection of geospatial data. The portal offers search, preview, query, download and sharing functionality for datasets licensed by Ontario university libraries, covering such topics as land use, transportation networks, census boundaries, geology, soils, points of interest (such as healthcare facilities, schools, and airports), air photos, and more. Please send any feedback regarding the portal to

Boundary Files for Canada
Statistics Canada
These datasets contain both cartographic and digital boundary files. The files cover various geographic levels such as Census Consolidated Subdivisions (CCS), Census Subdivisions (CSD), Census Tracts (CT), Dissemination Areas (DA), Census Divisions (CD), Designated Place Level (DPL), Economic Region (ER), Federal Electoral District (FED), Urban Area (UA), Forward Sortation Areas (FSA) and Census Metropolitan Areas (CMA). These files are available through Scholars GeoPortal and Statistics Canada.

Health Region Boundary Files for Canada
Statistics Canada
Health regions are legislated administrative areas defined by provincial ministries of health. These administrative areas represent geographic areas of responsibility for hospital boards or regional health authorities. Health regions, being provincial administrative areas, are subject to change. Download directly from the Statistics Canada website.

Road Network Files
Statistics Canada
These files cover most urban areas across Canada. The files include street names, types and direction. Some files are available through Scholars GeoPortal , you can also download directly from Statistics Canada. For more information, see the Road Network File Reference Guides: 2006, 2009.

Static and Interactive Maps for Canada

Atlas of Canada: Natural Resources Canada: This site has many maps with a variety of themes, including climate, economy, freshwater, health and many more.