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Why Cite?

We cite sources to acknowledge the work of others, as well as to avoid academic dishonesty or plagiarism.

The University of Toronto has made available a comprehensive set of guidelines on How NOT to Plagiarize, which deserves to be read by every student

Citation Styles in Laurentian's Environmental Studies Program

At Laurentian, professors will specify the citation style to be used. In Environmental Studies, it is normally APA. To learn more about the APA and other citation styles, consult Laurentian's guide to citation styles.


is a free, web-based citation manager that allows you to: 

  • Directly import references from article databases, the library catalogue, e-book collections, etc.
  • Manage and organize your references.
  • Create a bibliography.
  • Share your references with others
  • Add in-text citation and a bibliography directly into your assignment 

Connect to Zotero

Getting started with Zotero:

Style Manual

Making sense : a student's guide to research and writing. 5th ed. 2012. Print.

Created for students in Geography and Environmental Sciences. Recommended for writing essays and reports, as well as the documentation of sources.